The End?

YouClick was born on the Wednesday, 12th April 2017. And its aim has not really changed: taking clickbait on YouTube with irony by proposing a clickbait video rating service, together with a TOP.

I am Loïc, a high school student and I developed with Edgard this website which sometimes was not that easy to manage, but most of all showed us how it feels to administrate a website constantly visited, to create a community around a project that I have created starting from a simple .html file "for fun". Then, YouClick brought more than a million visitors and rated more than 40 millions videos. I have even been told that some people talked about it in the street!

You might know YouBlock, the clickbait-blocking addon that I have created with Finn. This is the only ‘serious’ thing that we could have made to help you, and more than 400 people are using it everyday. However, YouTube is starting to change its recommendation algorithms, and now, one in two people does not need YouBlock, but not necessarily for the worst! If YouTube is starting to do what we have always wanted to do by ourselves, it becomes way more practical for everyone.

We have acquired a lot from these one and a half years around the project, and the whole team:
Loïc, Edgard, Antonin, Greg
Finn, Paul, Antoine, Basile, Romain
Matthieu, Alexandru, Alexis
thanks you warmly!

Maintaining a server has a significant cost compared to what YouClick currently offers, that’s why YouClick and YouBlock will be closed permanently by the beginning of 2019. A date will be announced on our Discord or our social medias, we encourage you to join them since they will remain updated! Regarding the (messy) sources, a little part is available on GitHub, according to the developers’ authorizations who managed different parts of the project, everything will be (once again) announced on our Discord and our social medias.

... Yet, it would be a shame to stop here, isn’t it? ;)

S   O   O   N   ...